Two more satisfied customers

Hi Richard,
Here is a copy of your (State of Wisconsin) inspection report. Pleasure meeting with you! Keep up the good work.
Shawna W.
State of Wisconsin Companion Animal Inspector
Division Of Animal Health-DATCP
August 17, 2011

Hi Richard,
Just wanted to send a quick update on our wonderful black labrador, Piper, today, on her second birthday! She is the ‘small, female black lab’ from Oinky and Dude. Piper is doing awesome! She is 53 pounds of boundless energy! She has her Mom’s wavy hair on her back and her beautiful shiny coat. She loves agility class; she is an expert on the course! She loves to swim and retrieve her toys when we throw them in the water for her! She could play catch with her frisbee or ball forever! She loves all dogs and people! She also loves our pet rabbit, Charlie! She passed her class and received her Canine Good Citizen designation this summer! She goes to doggy daycare once a week and is very friendly to all of the dogs and people there. She is an absolute joy to be around and a blessing to have in our family! We can’t thank you enough for our special girl! We love her so much!
Andy and Sue Z., Green Bay, WI

Autumn Rose ("Rosie "), dob 09-25-13, is our greatest joy. She's gentle, smart, fearless and beautiful. We are grateful she's part of our family. Thank you! The integrity and care you display at your facility is heart warming. The only problem we had was not adopting the whole litter. Ha!
Beth and Henry G., Waukesha, WI

We had the privilege of having Bear in our lives for ten and a half years. Bear was one of your Labs. Early on we realized Bear was very intelligent, learning many words, phrases, and gestures easily. He never required housebreaking, never was destructive or barked needlessly. He was affectionate and devoted to his family. He loved children of all ages. Bear was everything you have stated about your Labs. In fact, our son-in-law, Brian, said he was "almost human." We are thinking of purchasing a Lab puppy this fall. We will be at our farm until about October 1st. If your family will have a chocolate male puppy available for purchase, we would like to be considered. In terms of desired characteristics, we are looking for an intelligent, affectionate companion.
Mike and Jan S., Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia

Hi Richard,
It has been a while, but I just wanted to let you know that our Thunder’s Mr. Lucky, son of Chico and Patton’s Sweet Thunder (DOB - 2/1/11), earned his Elite Division 1 title last week from NACSW. He is an amazing working dog and he has earned a lot of placement ribbons on his way to Elite. You said, when I picked him out of the litter, “He sure has a nose on him” – you didn’t know how right you were! I can’t begin to tell you how much he means to us, along with his “niece” Little Miss Sunshine. You have given us two great dogs. Thank you!
Cheryl C., Sherwood, OR

Good morning Richard. This is a 6 second video I made of our new puppy when I was visiting by you the other day. I shared it on my Facebook to introduce her to our friends and family ... I have since had close to 80 people (and climbing) react to the video and passed your name to many. I again want to thank you for being so patient with me and allowing me to visit. All your dogs are so happy and well cared for... I am so-so grateful that there are good breeders out there like you and your wife. I would never go any where else, you get 5 🌟s from us!
Thank you !! Kathy, Hubertus, WI

Hello Richard! Today is our girl's birthday. Rosie is four years old. A day doesn't go by that we don't thank God for this smart, loving, sweet tempered girl.
Just have to show her off to you. Thanks again for a great dog!
Beth and Henry G., Waukesha WI

Hi! Just wanted to send a quick email to you on the birthday of Oinky's small black lab puppy from last September 19th's litter.  Piper is now 52 pounds, is crazy about being in water, loves to chase frisbees and balls, and will be starting a dog agility class next week.  She loves all dogs and people.  She has her Mom's wavy hair on her back! She passed puppy class, basic manners class, and is working on completing intermediate manners.  I have included a picture of her taken today, on her one year birthday.  Thank you for our wonderful black lab, Piper.  We love her so much!

Andy and Sue Z., Green Bay, WI

Hi Richard,
Sorry this has taken so long in getting to you. Charlie is doing great (son of Tank and Woody 12-2-17)!!! Jeff has been working with him throwing a duck wing taped on a throwing dummy. He just started this past weekend throwing 2 dummies at the same time. Charlie will retrieve one and then go back and retrieve the second one. Doing this in dead grass about a foot and a half to two feet tall. Jeff says he has a great nose on him. Attached is a picture of Charlie with one of his throwing dummies and a shed Charlie found and retrieved back to Jeff (picture taken on March 24th). Charlie can’t get enough of the outdoors with Jeff, he’s Jeff’s shadow. The other attached picture is when Charlie was 3 months old (picture take on March 4th). At just past 3 months, his weight was 21lb 11oz. He’s still going to work with me, everyone loves him and he loves them. We can’t thank you enough….....
Lisa and Jeff O., Oshkosh, WI

Hi Rich and Mirella, Here are some recent pics of our Layla. She is so sweet and has brought such joy to our home !!! Will keep you updated on her progress, she is growing nicely, very smart and super sweet !!Deb K., Crown Point, IN

We bought this pup from you in December. She was a pup from Oinky and Dude. Just want you to know that this is the best dog that we have ever raised. She has the best personality that I have ever seen in a dog. People are amazed at her relaxed nature. Thank you for the great gift you have given to my family. If you would like more pics of this beautiful pup you produced, let me know I will be happy to supply.
Dan S., Oak Creek, WI

Dear Thunder Labradors, I just wanted to let you know how much joy our new puppy has brought to our lives. At the time we met, we were grieving the loss of our 12 year old lab (Kaia) that was very much a part of our family. We ended up getting a puppy from you on 12/3/16.  We settled on the name Maya.  Maya was from the Dude and Ruthie litter of 9/30/16. Maya has a full and rich life with our family.  Both Scott and I work from home full time, so she’s with us nearly all day, every day.  We have a 10 year old daughter that has an active social life, so there are tons of kids that want to play with her every day. Emily regularly carts Maya around like a kid sister. We are also an active family, so there are lots of car rides, dog park visits, lots of walks in the neighborhoods, trips to local parks, and trips to friend’s houses. Our attitude is we bring Maya everywhere we can. When the summer comes, we plan to be up camping at our RV and boating a lot. Maya is loads of fun and makes all of us smile every day. She scurries when she’s in the mood, plays/ barks at the door stops (the type that bongs when flicked), steals toilet paper as we are pulling it out, wants in the shower to explore as I am showering, talks to the squirrels in the back yard, is starting to chase balls, has favorite toys she prefers, and is learning basic commands. In true lab format, she's a stinker and has us laughing daily. She’s totally smart and has learned where the treat bin is.  She has also learned who the weak links are to the treats (me and my daughter Emily). Anyhow, thank you for allowing her to come to our home.  She’s a great addition to our family and we are just enjoying her personality every day.
Jenn F., Lombard, IL

Hi Richard. Just checking in and hope all is well with you and your family.  Wanted to let you know Reese (son of the beloved Chico) is doing great.  He will be 8 this October and is just the most wonderful dog.  Loving, caring, and the best couch dog an owner could ask for.  With spring approaching we will once again venture to our beautiful retreat in Rhinelander where the lake becomes his best friend –he loves to swim with the fish that come by the pier. Thank you so much for this wonderful family member that truly completes our lives. Take care,
John and Monica M., Shorewood, WI

Richard, we got Toby's giardia test back today and it's negative. Here's a Pic of the male Lab I purchased on Jan. 4th. at 10 weeks. We named him Toby. Fingers crossed, but he's 12 weeks old today and appears safely house broken.  I hung a bell by the back door and he rings it without fail.  Hasn't had an "accident" in the last week.  Hope all is well with you and yours....
Mark S., Urbana, IL

We want to wish you folks a Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2017. As you can see, Scooby is living good and likes her new Christmas bed by my easy chair. Scooby is everything we hoped for and much much more so we thank you many times over for the chance to adopt her. Good luck to you and thanks again.
Larry & Karen D., Dodgeville, WI

Here is a picture of little Willow, I picked her up on July 11th from you. She has been quite a handful but a fantastic addition to our family. Her training is moving along fantastically. She has proven to be very smart and quick to learn. My wife thinks she's gifted. These are the first 2 ducks she retrieved all on her own. Pretty good for a six month old puppy.
Thanks, Warren M.

Chef is doing awesome! He continues to be very well balanced, and learns something new every day. He has doubled in size already! He really is turning out to be a great dog.
Michelle K.

Hello Richard,
Just wanted to send you a recent photo of our girl Flower Bud. She is the daughter of Mary and Chico. She is the sweetest girl, we love her so very much! Glad to see you are still breeding puppies - anyone who receives a puppy from you will have nothing but years of pure happiness ahead with their new fur baby!!
From Las Vegas,

Hello Richard and Mirella! Just wanted to thank you for our sweet girl. Born 7-7-16. We just love her! Health is perfect! Does great at the vet. One of the techs actually put her on her FB page, lol! ~She started retrieving her fake birds at 7 weeks. Since 8 weeks: sits, stays, comes, lays down and gives her paw. 9 weeks: walking on a leash very well! Patiently waits for her breakfast and dinner. Oh and the best part..is house trained since 10 weeks. We sometimes call her Willie after her Dad because she is sooo funny! We really can't thank you enough for our beautiful fur baby!!
Alan and Shauna

At four months old, Hatchet is great with kids and other dogs. He loves to swim. We go to puppy class every Sunday night. He knows how to sit, come and lay down. We are working on walking nicely on the leash. Thank you again! We are so happy with our Thunder Lab.
Megan H.

Hi Richard. I'm writing to let you know how much we love our new pup. We brought Harley home three weeks ago and he's already potty trained. He barks to go out even. He's picking up on early commands and such a pleasure to have as part of our family. We love him to pieces. We take him everywhere we go. His personality is so easy going. He's open to all kinds of new experiences. Thank you for producing such quality puppies. You have given us a really great addition to our family.
Marylou H., Verona, WI

Maximus came home just over a year ago. In that year we took a trip, moved and welcomed home a new baby. Max is so smart and knows several commands. He's a ball of energy and we love getting outdoors to poop him out. He loves to cuddle, loves to play with the kids, looks after them while we are hiking and has recently started trying to give his toys to the baby, its so cute. He loves going camping and going out on the boat. We just adore him.
Jessica D., Port Angeles, WA

Richard, It's been quite a few years, but my husband and I purchased two labs from you in 2009. We initially purchased a yellow lab; Tan Yer Hyde (Hyde) and a chocolate lab; Beau Hunter (Beau). They have proven to be more than we could have ever asked for! Hyde is an excellent hunter, and literally eats, sleeps, and breaths to hunt! He's an excellent pointer and flusher. We are so proud of his skills! He is a daddy's boy and it took him awhile to warm up to the idea of kids, but now.... He LOVES them, and is very protective of them. They are his babies, and he watches over them! Beau isn't the hunter Hyde is... But he has proven himself in other areas. He is the perfect family dog! He's a momma's boy! He loves/needs constant attention and boy does he get it! He loves the kids, maybe more than we do!!!! He's VERY protective, observant, and loving. He herds the kids like cattle when they wander too far, chases anything that gets too close, and hovers over them worse than a mother! I don't know what I would do without him! Although he does fight with the kids over momma's lap, and he's 98lbs! Long story short, you have blessed our family with beautiful fur babies, and we are so grateful! We are thinking of adding another Lab... A black lab, to complete our family! We have an almost 5 year old daughter Kyler and an almost 3 year old son Ledger. We can't have anymore babies but love the ones we have and consider our children and fur babies our kids! I read you have a few black labs available? Can you tell me more?! Thank you so much!!!! You are the best!!!!!
Brittani H., Casper, Wyoming

Richard, The previous email of pictures of our Sonny boy is a guy who is still the best dog ever. He was born Aug. 2008 so he 7 1/2 yrs old now. He has been a joy from day one. Loyal without fault and a tremendous athlete. His father was your Laddy and mother was Jeanne Busta Move. Great family dog. Smart as all get out. He is a lean 70lbs. Was always well socialized. Easily trained off leash. Excellent retriever. Can go all day. So smart and affectionate he is the best.
Truly, John H., Milwaukee, WI

Richard, Kiara will be 5 months old tomorrow and has been the best puppy. We have really enjoyed having her around. We could not ask for a better dog! If all puppies were like her we would have ten. Thank you again. This picture is from this morning. She thinks she has to go to work with me.
Patrice S., New Berlin, WI

Hi Richard, Almost a year ago, we got a chocolate pup from you. You might remember our son, 1.5 yrs old when we first visited, that loved all your dogs (I put a picture from then). Our puppy, Thunder’s Buckshot Boy (Buck) has been growing into an awesome dog. Him and Gabe are inseparable and best buddies. Buck is very good-natured and everyone comments on how beautiful and stoic he is. Truly an awesome addition to our family and fits right into our active lifestyle! Thanks for raising and breeding such great dogs! Thanks,
Corey, Heather, Gabriel and Buck

Hello! We are celebrating Max's birthday today, he turns 3 today! He is one of Guide and Oinky's puppies. I wanted to let you know what a great guy he is. He is so sweet, is great with the kids and just is such a joy to have around. Everyone loves him! He is such a handsome guy I had to share a picture. Thank you for doing such a great job in what you do! We are extremely happy he is in our family!
Sara F.

One year ago today, on a freezing cold Feb morning, I brought Ed home. I can't believe it has been a year! Here is that 10 pound puppy you sent home with me...now a very happy, healthy, and sweet 85 pound gentleman. The vet tells me he still has some growing to do too. He has been an excellent pup and he loves having his 2 brothers, Mike and Dave (choc and yellow Labs). We fenced in our 1/2 acre lot so they have their own dog park. Thanks for such a great dog!
Cathi M.

Walter is awesome. Very healthy, growing like a weed. Good-natured and smart. Has started training...... won award. Thank you very much.
Dave P., Oregon, WI

Hi Richard! I wanted to give you an update on Cooper, (Good/Guide puppy). He is now 10 months old. He is such a wonderful addition to our family. I will try to attach a picture of him. He has truly been a blessing! I'm also contacting you because as a family we would like to add one more Thunder Labrador to our family. We are hoping to reserve a black male from You/Woody's litter. I wasn't sure if the entire litter was reserved or not? I can't wait to hear from you!
Thank you, Dani A.

Hi Richard. Sure, go ahead and use my email on your testimonials page. And thanks again. If I ever need another beautiful dog I know where to get one. And I know where to send someone to go find one as well. "THUNDER LABRADORS"

Hi, Annabella-Dawn at 6mo. She has been spayed two weeks ago, that went well. She is so adorable. Very affectionate. She sleeps often with her muzzle placed between my shoulder and my neck. Lots and lots of energy! !!!! House broken @2-1/2 month old. Soon I will be working longer on some obedience training. Thanks again for such an energetic, brilliant companion. Will keep in touch. . . . . . Gary K

Richard, I wanted to let you know that both fecal tests came back negative. She is a healthy little stinker. Her name is Indigo (Indy). Let me know if you need a middle name. As the Cubs just clinched it, my kids are leaning towards a Cub name like Rizzo. Indigo Rizzo!
Jennifer S., Winnetka, IL

Wanted to let you know Thunder's Buck is doing great. He's hunting with us already. He's a wonderful dog. The boys and I would like to say thanks. I've attached a photo of his 1st duck.
Dane E., Cassville, WI

Richard and Mirella,
Maximus is 7 months old now. We love him so much. He's started training classes but still loves to pick up shoes and socks if the kids leave them out. He loves to be close by, and still thinks he is small, so he tries to sleep on the back of the couch and sit on my lap in the car. He is 38 pounds now. We hike every weekend and he loves it. We can leave him off leash and he waits for us on command if someone (usually me being 7 months pregnant) falls behind he will keep running back to make sure they are ok. He loves his morning 2-3 mile runs with my husband and then we go for a walk at night. He is just so smart. We are so lucky to have found you guys. It will be some time but we can't wait to get our next Lab from you.
Jessica D., Port Angeles, WA

Hi Richard,
I just wanted to touch base with you to tell you how much we all adore our new pup, Cooper. He has been such a joy in our household and he is adjusting to his new home so well. He is so smart, fun-loving, and has such a good temperament. We are all just smitten with him, including our 11 year old black Lab who is loving his new playmate. I attached a picture of Coop. I am pretty sure he is smiling. Cooper had his first vet visit and got a clean bill of health. I left a few business cards with him and handed a few out to friends who have stopped by to meet our new pup and were so impressed with him and how snuggly, adorable, and well behaved he is. Hopefully you will have some new adoptive parents heading your way. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that we have named him. His official name will be Thundering Cooper Dude (after his Dad, of course). If you need anything else from us, let me know!
The Weberg family

Hello Spikes,
I’ve been meaning to drop you a line for a long time and finally was motivated to get it done today. Some family members that live nearby brought home a new dog a few days ago, nothing but problems. This is the second attempt in 4 months, problems with the first one as well. Neither were Labs. Others close to us have dogs as well, and I am confident they all have some sort of “issues”. Could be the owners, could be I am spoiled? Anyway, on to my "totally unbiased" opinion…. Wally (full name Walt Kowalski) is the BEST DOG EVER! It was a Saturday in January of 2011. We stopped in to check out your place. My old hunting buddy (another great Lab) was put down the previous November and I was just starting to look for another family pet and hunting buddy. We were not even really thinking of taking a dog home that day. But, one has to take advantage of fate and good fortune when it comes your way. You had a couple of black boys maybe 3 or so months old. One you called Phil. It was very clear when Phil greeted us that he was ready to go to a long term home and he had found his family. No question about it, and an hour later we were heading home with “Wally”. Wally has been absolutely fantastic. Great health so far, he will be 5 this fall. He has always had a very calm way about himself, not overly hyper, which is nice. But when it is time to play outside or hunt, all the energy comes out. He would retrieve until he fell over if I let him. He actually retrieved his first duck that fall of 2011. He completely loves the family although he is wary of strangers and that is perfectly OK with us as he has never been aggressive toward anyone, just wary. He gets along great with our other (older Lab) and a couple of cats. I can’t think of anything else we could want in a K-9 family member. He loves his walks in the morning and this pic is from today. Thanks,
Dan M., Mauston, WI

Hey Richard, It's Scott R., I purchased my Lab from you a couple years ago now. One of Scooby and Chico's if I remember correctly. I don't know if you remember me but I drove down from the U.P. and stayed the night in the guest room around April of 13. I just wanted to send you an email to thank you. Copper has just been such a great dog and a big part of my life now, he follows me everywhere. I attached a couple of photos of him, he had just gotten done swimming in them. In any case, every one that meets him completely agrees he's a great dog and I've had a lot of people ask if I plan on breeding him. As such I'm considering getting a female companion for him. I'm not rushing into anything of course, but I thought I'd start by checking with you all. Any input would be great, thanks!
Scott R., Hancock, MI

Hi Richard, Hope this email finds you well?! My husband has been urging me to contact you regarding another puppy. Our beloved Kendall who we got from you is going to be 5 years old on August 21st. She is my pride and joy. Best, most well behaved, obedient, loving dog God put on the face of the earth. We love her so much. She brings such joy to our house and very much like her dad Chico. We can be gone for two minutes and she will greet us the same way as if we have been gone for 5 days. She knows when you are happy and sad, if there is a tear drop, she is right there to make things better. She only knows happy…there is no “crabby” in Kendall’s world. The vet told us they have never seen a happier dog. Her tail is SO strong from it wagging all of the time. She is loved by everyone who meets her. Attached are two pictures of K. Now, to my question, based on keeping up with your website, I am guessing Chico and Nicole are no longer breeding (as we were hoping to get a sibling)? To, that end, does Chico or Nicole have siblings that are breeding? We would love to have her parents blood lines in our new puppy. We said that Kendall will be the only chocolate lab we will ever have as she is so special. But if we can get a sibling that would change things. If not, we will be in the market for a black lab (in a few months or so). Thanks for your help. Thank you for all you do!
With gratitude,
Becky P., Milwaukee, WI

Hi Richard, Buckaroo had his stool tested. Both tests came back negative. The vet was impressed with how healthy he looked. She called him "handsome" too. The girls and I agree!
Kris P., Lincolnshire, IL

Hello Richard! Just wanted to give you an update on Steven. He adjusted to the house very quickly, potty trained in under two weeks. Steven is just over 6 months now and weighs in at 60 lbs. Steven sure does have a goofy personality and is a very sweet dog. We continue to get compliments on his looks and how calm he is for such a young dog. Thank you for such a great dog.
Matthew & Brooke, Milwaukee, WI

Hi, Richard and Mirella, It's been few months since we got Jimmy from you and our neighbor, Mike, got Lucy. They are doing very well, very happy pups! These are some pictures I took of them while playing in our backyard this evening. We live next to each other and they are playing together a lot. Jimmy is a little bigger than Lucy, but this is expected. Thank you for breeding such wonderful puppies!
Monica and Nick S., St. Charles, IL

Hi Richard and Mirella. My fiance Mike and I purchased a pup from you in April. We couldn't be more happy to have him in our lives! Registered name ThunderFrömdownönder, given name Ruger, is so smart and loving! He learned sit and come in 1 day, can stay, walk on leash, and is working on lay down. He loves playing with his toys and socializing with all kinds of people. Deer shed hunting is in the near future. Our vet was very impressed with him and gladly displayed your cards in the office. We wanted to thank you for all the hard work and love you gave to him, and know Ruger is surrounded by love. We are blessed!
Lisa M. and Mike S., Milwaukee, WI

Hi Richard,
We both want to thank you for the very pleasant time you allowed us to spend with you and your dogs. We are very excited to be the lucky ones to be giving Scooby her forever home and think she is a great fit for what we want/need. We are impressed with your kennel and figure any dog coming from that environment has a huge head start. Thanks again, you and Scooby made our day. We will be in touch as time goes by.
Larry & Karen D., Dodgeville, WI

Just wanted to send an updated picture of the beautiful yellow lab we purchased from you in November. This is Reggie. He was from the Patch/Dude litter. He is a healthy, well socialized, energetic dog- and he's perfect for our family. We receive compliments on him from almost everyone who sees him. His looks are the biggest eye catcher for people. Followed by his temperament. He has endless energy but at the end of the day is satisfied with just relaxing with his family- which amazes people for his age. We have had a few people ask us to breed him- which is not in our plans for Reggie. But we have directed people to you if they are looking for a great lab. At just 6 months old, he's weighing in at 56 lbs. He's going to be a big boy- but the vet is happy with his size and weight. Just want to say thank you again for the beautiful lab. He's a great dog and we are all completely in love with him.                                                                                                                                           Bonnie G., Fox Valley, WI

We did decide to name our little boy Ed, so his AKC can be Thunder's King Edward. He is doing great! He was house trained in 5 days and only gets up once per night about 4am...so we are almost through the night now. He is loving his 2 "brothers" and they are enjoying their new playmate. Vet checks were good so all is well here. Thanks so much for a wonderful pup!
Cathi M., Waunakee, WI

Good morning,
Fritz is doing well, vet looked him over and was very pleased with all his papers and his over all appearance- they said I got a good dog!! My vet was truly very impressed with him. All the things that were certified with him they couldn't get over-especially having the microchip done. Matter of fact, both the nurse and Dr. (whom I've know for 10+ years) couldn't say enough good things about my dog and Thunders Labradors.
Josh R., Rice Lake, WI

Attached are just a few pictures of Ella (daughter of Guide and Barb born on 9/27/2014-the only chocolate female in the litter) that I thought you would like to see. Before 3 months of age she learned to sit, shake, and hi-five. She has changed our lives-for the better. She is so sweet, smart, and just a beautiful dog. I already told my wife if you bred the parents again, I’d get another one! I tell everyone I know where I got her from and how pleasant it was to have this experience with you. I can’t thank you enough for giving us a new family member that we could never live without! Thanks,
Justin H., Muskego, WI

It has been 5 years since we first met you and purchased Patton from you. Our chocolate lab we had when we got Patton we had put down last month.... Patton is adjusting and we are reminded daily of the fantastic program you put your pups through and the quality and health of Patton!!!!!
Thank you again for a GREAT dog!
Susan and Tom N., Kenosha, WI

Hi Richard,
It’s almost two weeks now that we have had Gracie, I just want to say she is a wonderful addition to our family. She has a terrific personality, tail is always wagging, she’s right there with a kiss and the nose is awesome. Now I know what you meant when you said she would let us know if she is being fed enough…holy crap, she eats like it is her last meal. She and our Josie the dachshund get along great, Josie treats her like her own pup and they continually chase each other around and are wrestling. We just want to say thank you! Gracie has big shoes to fill but she is well on her way!
Ray & Peg, Neosho, WI

Hi Richard and Mirella,
You might know him as "puppy", but we named him Jasper. I can't begin to tell you how smart he is ..as you can see from the video and that was only day 5! Being a week now he is fully house broken as well. He is so fun to work with and such a joy. We saw the vet today she said the stool looked okay under microscope but doing full test and will get back to you if anything funny, but she gave him full bill of health and really ..really liked him. She is a breeder herself of great danes so it means a lot. Thank you for Jasper ..he means the world to me! I cant get over how smart he is! Besides the coming to name, sitting and speaking, you can add lay down to his resume too. He plays fetch like a champ, loves his car rides to work, and doesn't even whimper or cry when its time to go in his crate .. He's like a battery operated puppy! I'm so happy ..thank you so much! LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM
Kristina R., Hartford, WI

Hi there.....Barry A. here. Since it was Gauge's one year birthday yesterday, I found it suiting to email you. Gauge is doing fantastic! He's such a great companion for me and a great hunter already! Here is a pic of he and I on his second pheasant hunt this past early April. We weren't able to hunt much at all due to this crazy winter we had....however his first hunt ever was dove hunting in southern Illinois and his retrieving skills were superb!!! I'm not exaggerating when I say his first retrieve while dove hunting had to be 70 yards! ....he marked it and hauled his butt directly to that spot....found the bird and handed it to me without eating it! AMAZING! Thank you for my best friend!! By the way, I'm in the blue sweatshirt and Gauge is right underneath me. :-)

Good evening Richard,
I just wanted to send a note to let you know how great Fischer and I are getting long. I brought Fischer home from you at the end of May 2013, he recently turned 1 year old. I had stopped to look at another litter but fell in love with the quiet little pup from Guide and Tinker. He has been the best pup and has recently graduated from intermediate training with Tom Dokken of Dokken's Oak Ridge Kennels. If you are not aware, Tom is one of the best dog trainers in the US and he has nothing but the best to say about Fischer! His pedigree is great and his potential is top notch - highly driven and loves to work! Makes me feel like a proud mom coming from a trainer who has worked with so many dogs over so many years. Fischer has the perfect combination of being a loving, calm dog at home, but yet turning it on in the field when he knows there is work to be done. He is great with all other dogs (intact or not) and children, truly a great dog. I was impressed in the care you give your dogs and pups and thank you again for taking all the time you did with me when I ended up being picked by Fischer. I will happily recommend your facility anytime anyone is looking for a great family & hunting dog.
All the best,
Sarah H., Wisconsin Dells, WI

I wanted to take a few moments and commend you on your breeding. My wife Jewel drove up last year a few days before Easter to purchase a puppy for our children Daniel 7, Kathryn 5. A gift to our children from the Easter Bunny. I am amazed at the quality and caliber of dogs you breed. Having owned German Shepherds and Belgium Malanois my entire life, I was not expecting to be impressed by a Labrador to the degree I am. This dog from Thunder Labradors never stops to amaze me. From 8 weeks old when the Easter Bunny left him with our children I noticed the pup’s self confidence and outgoing personality. It only took 2 days to potty train him. Your dogs have an absolutely amazing disposition, his temperament is unreal. From when a stranger knocking at the door you’d think it was a guard dog barking. To licking my children’s faces as they tug, pull, wrestle, and roll around with their puppy. Your dogs are also absolutely beautiful. A black shiny coat, amazing bone structure, solid big shoulders, sound hips and back, and gorgeous face and skull. I cannot get over how smart this dog is. I taught him hand signals for come, stay, sit, in about 3 hours. This is by far the smartest dog I have been exposed to. I commend you and salute you for your efforts and the quality/caliber of Labs you breed!! Keep holding yourself to a higher standard of breeding. Money very well spent.
Robert & Jewel C., Rochelle, IL

Good Afternoon Richard,
Kurt and I want to thank you for the tour of your beautiful kennel on Thursday evening, especially on such short notice. We were truly impressed with you, your staff and all of your beautiful dogs. You can tell they are truly loved and well cared for. We cannot wait to get a chocolate or black puppy from you this fall. Losing our lab to cancer has been heart breaking for us, but we are excited knowing that we will have another puppy in our home.
Terri S., Madison, WI

Hey Richard, I wanted to share with you that Leo turned 1 yr old this weekend! Boy has he grown as you can see..he is so loyal to me.. he is an angel...just full of love and and is he smart... never lets me out of his sight...and is he gentle??? The cats adore him. The new kittens are jumping all over him. I even caught him one time carrying a kitten back to the their mamma and placing it gently by her! Anyways here are a couple of pics for ya...when we got him, and now. I just love this dog!!! Thanks again,
Dave and Karen E., Reeseville, WI

Dear Richard, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how happy we are with our girls(dogs). we have not been able to even look at your website for fear we would run out and get another pup. Both our girls were from litters with BillyBob. They are in great health, very smart, obedient, loving, and opposite of each other. Hannah will be 6 on April 5th, and Kailie was 4 Dec. 16. Last May we added 4 pet ducks to our family and the girls can be trusted 100% around them. We take them all in the truck up north. I was thinking of you as I worked in the garage to change the ducks' water knowing you go out to the barn to care for the dogs. I'm sure you are as eager for temps to get above freezing as most of us in Wisconsin. By the way we are feeding the girls Victor brand dog food out of Texas and they are hardly shedding. I will send you a photo off my phone so when you get a random photo it's from me of the girls. Hope all is well with you and your family and the breedership. It was a pleasure working with you and we have not forgotten you. All the best,
Linda and Dennis S., Lisbon, WI

Here are some pics of Zeke. He is out of Greta and Chico. We purchased him 8 years ago from you. He is by far the best dog we have ever owned!!! We recently purchased 35 acres and built a new house and barn. Zeke is in heaven out here. Him and our daughter Katelyn are best buds. We are thinking about another puppy. So we may have to make the trip from Eau Claire for a visit. Thanks,
Pete P., Eau Claire, WI

Rick, We want to pick one from the Dude/Luci litter. Dude is the most impressive Lab I've seen for some time, and his pedigree, and that of the dam, are impeccable. Yesterday we were thinking a black female. Today it's a black male. I'll drop the deposit in the mail. Finally, we were impressed with several things yesterday. Your kennel is very clean and didn't have any odor. The dogs seemed happy and willing to engage us, even though we're strangers. The dogs, even the pups ready to go, settled down very quickly, suggesting to us a mellow temperament. You spent an hour with us patiently, and we greatly appreciate that. Your kennel girl was very positive about your operation, and I found that reassuring.
John R., Stoughton, WI

Richard, I was planning on waiting to call/email you until I brought in the sample from the fecal tests.... But I couldn't wait. Our chocolate Bear from you is a calm genius! He is done with potty training... Goes on command and let's out a yelp at the door for # 2, never had an accident. So..... Can I say he was immediately trained???? At 7 weeks! But more importantly, he is calm, thoughtful, and intelligent. He sits, follows and listens .... Whatever training you do is amazing, every threshold (door, stairs) he sits and waits. We love him and he had some big shoes to fill from our last chocolate. Mirella and you were a joy to visit with. I will spread the word.
Sheila G., Woodridge, IL

Hi Richard! Just wanted to say happy new year, and thank you for our beautiful girl Winnie. She has made an awesome transition into our family. All her tests came back negative, She is AKC registered, and enrolled in puppy class too! Our whole family and neighborhood adores her! We couldn't have asked for a better dog and experience with Thunder Labradors. Happy and Healthy 2014 to you and your family!!! Enjoy the pictures below!
Jean P., Arlington Heights, IL

It’s been a while since I provided an update on our Jetta! Once again, I can’t begin to tell you what an absolute delight she is to have in our family! I can’t imagine our lives without her! Wishing yours a very Merry Christmas and a glorious Holiday Season! Attached (above) is this year’s Christmas card! Left to right, Jetta, our daughter Laura, and our old faithful Kenzie! Keep up the fantastic work!
Derek S., Two Rivers, WI

Just wanted you to know that Maple is doing great. Such a beautiful, loyal, and well-behaved puppy. She is so good with the kids and has had a really easy adjustment to living with us. She was very easy to house train and rarely has accidents. She has been sleeping through the night for the past week, which is extra nice given how cold it is. As she gets bigger, she just gets prettier and prettier and I think her face and expressions look so much like her mom, Red! Thanks so much for giving her such a great start and happy holidays!
Sarah, Eric, Mae, and Finn M., Oconomowoc, WI

Richard and Mirella,
My husband and I picked out a Chocolate Male from Guide and Hanna's litter one week ago today. Wanted to let you know the stool samples both came back negative and we have not had any issues. We are all registered with the AKC, his name is Tom's Thunder Drake, he goes by Drake. He has been such a joy! We are working on potty training and he already comes when called, and sits on command, he also plays fetch and is working on a few other commands but has not yet mastered them. We start puppy training classes on Monday. We were worried about the noises in our house this week with our roof getting replaced, Drake didn't seem to have a care in the world, he slept through most of it and was an instant hit among all the roofers and insulators going in and out of our home this week. We have recommended you to anyone who has asked about our dog. Drake is a lovable pup with a lot of personality. Thanks so much for the great new friend! Proud new puppy owners,
Tom and Jamie C., Madison, WI

Just wanted you to know how wonderful our chocolate lab Cooper (son of Chico and Nicole form their May 23, 2013 litter) is. He is so smart with a great temperament. We followed your instructions to the letter--his check-up went perfectly. Just got done registering him with the AKC. Tomorrow Cooper will graduate from puppy school! He is doing well and gets along great with all the pups in our neighborhood. He has lots of friends and is getting lots of love. We could not be happier. Thank you so much.
Annette D., Springfield, IL

Hi there - Amy here writing to let you know, per your instructions, that Tucker tested positive on the snap test. Exactly as you said, the vet only wanted to do the fecal float. I had to insist on the snap test, they said it wasn't necessary. But they did it, and sure enough the fecal float was negative and the snap positive. Then, again as you said, they were only going to prescribe Panacur. Armed with your sheet which I read to the vet over the phone, she agreed to those meds and Tucker has had his first doses. He would not have had those at this point had I not had your detailed instructions! Thanks! Beyond this, which I understand happens to many puppies, Tucker is fantastic. We live in a neighborhood in Chicago that is filled to the brim with dog lovers. The two times we have ventured down to our local Starbucks with Tucker they just can't get enough of him. I have had more than one seasoned lab owner handle him and remark about his calm and hence trainable disposition. We feel the same and absolutely adore him! Thanks so much for everything - Tucker, and your outstanding advice. Without it I would not have questioned the vet, and am certain that would not have led to good things.
Our best, Amy, Jim, Aly, Lizzy and Tucker, Chicago, IL

Hey Richard,
Thought I would give you an update on the wonderful black lab I adopted from you folks almost exactly a year ago. Buck has been amazing! He is such a friendly and energetic dog and a welcome addition to our family. We're getting him ready for bird training soon and could not be more excited! Thought I'd pass along a few pictures of him so you can see what a good looking pup your dogs made!
Kyle H.

Hi Richard & Mirella,
My name is Ali and I purchased my yellow lab Maisy from you in June of 2010. Let me just start off by saying how she is the best dog in the entire world! I get compliments on how well behaved and trained she is and how she is just so beautiful and sweet. Maisy is actually the sister of Dude, so I can imagine you know how great of a dog she is knowing Dude for yourself.
Ali K.

Hi Richard,
I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you how happy we are with our new puppy Max! He has adjusted to his new home so well. He loves his crate, only cried for about 30 seconds the first night. He sleeps though the night and house training is going so well. It helped that it has been so nice out the past few days. The boys adore him! Max is such a sweetie and we could not be happier! I have had several friends ask for your information after seeing Max they are so impressed. Thank you so much for such a great experience in getting our puppy. You obviously love what you do and do such a great job. I really appreciate all of your help in this process! We love our newest member of our family, he is a great addition! Thanks again!
Sara F., Oregon, WI

Hi Richard-
We just wanted to let you know that Reese (now 31/2) is doing just fabulous. We have a new addition to the family, our grand daughter Kennedy who is 10 months old. Reese was so loving to her from the time she entered our home – they have quite the bond. She climbs all over him and they have a wonderful way of sharing toys. I want to thank you again for raising such great dogs and puppies. He brings us such joy every day and he is definitely “ a mama’s boy” and quite the snuggler! Keep doing what you do best – I know we will be back for another Chocolate Lab. Have a great day.
John, Monica, Andrew, Lauren, Kennedy and Reese M.
Shorewood, WI

We bought the best dog I have ever had from you (and I have had a lot of them over my life). Crosby is the offspring of Chico and Lilly from a litter almost 1 1/2 years ago now. Though my wife doesn't even know the band we named him after, this little pup has found a special place in our hearts. He lives in Oak Creek, WI with our 14 year old aging chocolate Lab named Jack Daniels (Old #14 is more like it). They are the perfect pack together. Jack Daniels has been blind for quite some time of his life and somehow Crosby knows he needs some help finding his way every once and awhile.

Crosby attends Paws-itivly Behaved K-9 once a week for play and obedience training. He has been a dream to train! He has the best behavior I have ever seen in a young pup. His listening skills and quick wit made him the top of his class. He aims to please and we couldn't ask for anything more. We live very close to Lake Michigan and one of his favorite activities is riding in the Jeep down to the lake for a swim and a throw of the "duck dummy". When we lose our old one, we will definatly be your way to find him another pack mate. Thanks again for making me and my wife very happy people.
Steve R., Oak Creek, WI

Hi Richard,
Just wanted to give you an update on the pup Max and I picked up last Friday. First off, his official name is Thunders Otis by the Dock of the Bay... but we call him Odie. Second, our entire family is really enjoying him! He is so laid back and calm it is almost scary. He loves following the kids around and doesn't want to be without them. All in all we are thrilled with him and couldn't be happier! Thanks again for such a great pup!
Nick C.
Escanaba, MI

Hi Richard,
I wanted to send you the attached picture of Wyatt. Wyatt is one of Chico's sons and we purchased him from you last May. We have had many hunting dogs and house companions in our lives. My family and I find that Wyatt is one of the best all around dogs we have ever owned. He is an awesome hunter, calm and sweet in the house. You will be seeing us again in the future for another hunting companion. Thank you for breeding such great all around Labradors.
Julie T.
Oconomooc, WI

Chase (formerly Jimmy) is adapting very well! The kids and my wife are absolutely in love. He is so well behaved. He is almost potty trained in 4 days. Thank you for all the information and getting him set up for us to bring home.
Happy New Year from the Ische's

Hi. We picked up Dozer from you on Saturday, December 15, 2012. Mom is Sissy and Dad is Dude JH. Luke and Ryan are loving him. If possible could we get a picture of Dude and Sissy so we can put the three pics together so we can compare as he grows, if not no problem. Merry Christmas and it was a great experience. He will be loved and taken care of. Luke, our 8 yr old, is walking him on a leash with commands and he is doing great. Thanks.
Tammy, Kurt, Luke and Ryan N.
Milwaukee, WI

Richard and Mirella,
I've been meaning to send you an email to thank you and give you an update on our black lab "Kobe" my husband and I purchased him from you in April 2012. He is almost a year now and is a complete joy and a wonderful companion! Kobe is so smart and was easily trained. He has such a great temperament, he loves kids, really just all people in general, he is so playful and loving, just such a sweet dog! We are constantly getting compliments on what a good looking dog Kobe is and how well mannered he is. All of these things are a testament of what a great operation you are running, and the truly great care you provide all your pups! Attached is a picture of Kobe in his pool, in true Lab fashion he absolutely LOVES the water! Thank you again,
Marissa and Chirag
Burr Ridge, IL

Hello Richard,
It has been over five years since I picked up Gunnar from you and during that time it has been absolutely great. While I grew up with dogs this was my first and I think he may have ruined me for life on how easy he was to train, his intelligence and his temperament! He is such a good dog that my Brother and Sister in-law knew where to go when they wanted to get their lab. Attached is a photo of Bailey the new pup in the family from one of your recent litters and my dog, Gunnar.

On a different note, when I adopted Gunnar from you I had no intention of ever hunting him. I wanted him just to be a good family dog who would always listen to voice commands which he quickly became. A few years ago we registered our property as a game farm and decided to release pheasants to hunt. Prior to the release, Gunnar and I went out to make sure they were good on food and water and I noticed he was VERY interested. The day we released I opted to keep Gunnar inside since I hadn't trained him to hunt and we had a few new shooters in the crowd. Needless to say we got some of the birds we released but not all. After the hunt I took home a wing and started getting Gunnar interested, I then picked up a dummy and some scent. In the dark, I put Gunnar in a sit/stay in the front yard, and hid the dummy in the back. He amazingly tracked the scent and pulled the dummy out of the bush where I had hidden it. A few more nights of training and I felt it was time to see how he would do with the real thing. The following weekend we decided to go back to the field where we had released the pheasants and within the first 5 minutes he had flushed and retrieved the bird. We continued to hunt for a few hours resulting in us getting many more. I was amazed at how it naturally came to him! He is now not only a great family dog, but my hunting buddy.
Christopher - Oconomowoc, WI

Richard and Mirella,
Just wanted to thank you to both of you to make the purchase of our new "baby" so easy. We named him Reggie and absolutely love him!! He has quite a personality and gets along great with our other 2 labs. We had him checked by our vet and she said he is very healthy. Thanks again for everything and we will keep in touch.
Chris & Anna R., Rhinelander, WI

Dear Richard and Mirella:
It is with tremendous enthusiasm and sincerity that I send this email to you. After adopting our beautiful yellow Lab from Thunder Labradors, our family is absolutely thrilled with our decision and enjoying every moment with our precious little puppy. As first time dog owners, we couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful and easy experience. The transition has been absolutely seamless for all. Due to a good, solid upbringing during his first 10 weeks, Cody acclimated very easy to our household. Within two days, he easily adjusted to sleeping in his kennel and tending to a regular schedule. Unlike the horror stories that we’ve read about in adopting a puppy, we’ve experienced no adverse behavior - - including any type of excessive chewing. Luckily, his docile personality, unconditional love, and playful nature have been blessings to our family. Further, his handsome looks and sleek physique have evoked nothing but numerous compliments from friends, neighbors, and strangers passing by. Believe it or not, we were recently asked by one neighbor whether or not he was the dog featured in the IAMs commercial as he was such a good looking and good natured dog.

We are convinced that all these wonderful compliments are a testament to your abilities as a top notched breeder. In providing a safe, healthy, and loving breeding environment, we believe that these contributed greatly to Cody being a secure, happy, and loving dog. We can’t thank you enough for all the joy and happiness that you have brought to our family. Further, we appreciate your endless patience, honesty, and sincerity as we finalized our decision to adopt.

Last, as proof of my enthusiasm, I have already distributed your business cards to friends who are now interested in adopting a Labrador after meeting our dog. Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience, and many more that we hope to enjoy in the years to come. In our view, it was an absolute pleasure working with you and would be happy to provide a glowing reference to any prospective customers. Kudos to you and Mirella!!!!
Shaunna B, Milwaukee, WI

Richard, Have been meaning to write a quick note to you to share with any prospective adopting lab owners because we could not be more pleased with our puppy and how she is assimilating to life with our family! First and foremost, we have been mentioning your business to anybody who asks because we were so impressed overall with your operation, the quality and beauty of your dogs but notably your respect for and love of the breed! Our 'Josie' has truly been a dream puppy, as far as puppies go! She is a puppy no doubt and with that comes a lot of the typcial 'puppy' behavior that is expected, but overall, managing the typical 'puppy' stuff could not be going more smoothly, largely due to the quality of your breeding, we think! She is incredibly smart, proving a very fast learner and her temperment is just lovely! So sweet, playful as Labs can be, but not spastic at all, generally very mild mannered, easily trained and just and all around great labrador!! The thing that stood out to us the most was how easily she acclimated to life in our home, particularly the crate training at night. She has never made a peep at night and was so comfortable already when we brought her home with sleeping and relaxing in her crate. She's confident, not anxious at all and generally well mannered and very well adjusted. We had heard this same testimony from the other person we knew from our community who also adopted from you in our neighborhood. I think it has so much to do with how much attention and care you put into socializing them at an early age and properly balancing their dependence and need for their mother in those early days with also learning independence at the right points and preparing them for an easy transition into a new home. Great, great dog so far and we just couldn't love her more. Thanks for doing what you do so well and best of luck with Wisconsin Labradors in the future! Wishes for continued happy and easy adoptions!! Best,
Jen & Tino R, Glen Ellyn, IL

Just wanted to give you an update on our recently purchased pup from Karma and Guide. She is doing wonderfully! We have continued her socialization with many trips to school in the first week that she was with us. She is now making it through the night without needing to relieve herself. She enjoys her crate and we already find her napping in there all on her own. Jetta and our older lab have made nice and get along fine with a few corrections for the youngster by the older one! We begin basic obedience classes next week although she already has sit/stay pretty well understood. I have posted your card at my school and at our vet. We really wish to thank you for producing such a fine young lady. Congrats to your program and I'm sure we will be back in the future. Thanks again!
Derek S., Two Rivers, WI

Attached are two photos of Abby (she is guarding the kids fort in the 2nd one) – she will be 2 on Sept 6th – would like to say thanks again for her, she is a wonderful dog – great with the kids, very mellow and has been a breeze to train from day one!

Josh S., Edgerton, WI

Hey Richard, it's Alli and Barry. We got Cobie from Splitter and Trooper's litter, born May 14, 2011. Cobie just turned a year old. He's 85 pounds and healthy as can be. He's so gentle with kids and small dogs. He is so smart and very loyal. We get many compliments on his looks and behavior. Many hours of work but he caught on really quick! We can't thank you enough for your dedication to your profession. If we ever got Cobie a companion down the road we would never even consider another breeder. There is nobody we trust more! Thanks again. Hope you enjoy the picture! He really is a good lookin dog!!
Alli and Barry, Chicago, IL

Hi Richard, I just wanted to let you how happy we were to get Ruxin from Thunder Labradors. He is one of the most social, fast learning and intuitive pups I have ever seen. He's been home 8 days now and he is already sitting on command, letting us know he has to go to the bathroom by ringing a bell and retrieving. It's absolutely incredible how fast he is learning. I have no doubt he will be joining me in the duck blind by fall. He is absolutely fantastic to have around the house and everyone who has met him loves him. It was an absolute pleasure working with you and your wife. Thank you,
Scott and Kristen F., Waukesha, WI

Hi Richard. It’s been almost 4 weeks since we got Murphy and he’s just the sweetest, funniest and most loving puppy we could’ve ever imagined! He’s getting tall now and has gotten into our “routine” of life. That said, we hit a small bump in the road this morning while I was getting ready for work. I was upstairs and heard some growling, thrashing and running on the 1st floor. I assumed Murphy was playing with one of his many toys but he was actually chewing up the paperwork we got from you when we purchased him. The only thing totally destroyed was his Certificate of Pedigree. I assume we need that to go get AKC papers. If that’s the case, can you send me a duplicate of that? You might want to enclose the AKC form as well since the one we have is a bit crushed. Other than that, we couldn’t be happier. Take Care,
Scott P., Wauwatosa, WI

Hello Richard. Hope this email finds you well! My husband Brian and I bought a female Chocolate lab from you October 9, 2010 from Chico and Nichole’s litter. Kendall is the BEST dog we could have hoped for! She is smart, social, loving, playful and just brings so much joy to our home! I remember picking her out of three other females. You said to me, “she is the feistiest one of the bunch.” I thought, “oh boy” what am I getting myself and husband into? I chose well to say the least! She will turn two August 21st , 2012. What is the likelihood of Chico and Nichole breeding again? We would like to get a full sibling or at least a “partial” sibling (if at all possible) seeing she is such a wonderful, beautiful chocolate lab! Attached is a picture of Kendall the day I picked her up and as well as a picture of her now. What a doll… Keep up the great work!! Gratefully,
Becky P., Milwaukee, WI

Richard, Pam and I brought Libby (or two shave as she was first known to us) home back on August 4th, 2011. She has been just awesome. I can’t imagine not having here smiling face greet me when I get home from work each day. We had her swimming and retrieving a dummy back in September, and in October she paid a visit to Bird College, where she was introduced to guns and a chucker. She passed with flying colors, even retrieving her first bird. She is quick to learn, confident, and very social. She is comfortable in her crate or in her outside kennel or lounging on the couch watching TV with me. We will be coming back in a few years to get Libby a companion. Thanks so much for whatever you did to bring such a quality puppy into this world.
Tom & Pam K., Portage, WI

Hi Richard, We've had our black male (Chance) for around three weeks now. Our vet gave him a complete exam and he passed with flying colors. He is in great shape. He now tips the scale at 11 pounds of muscle and mischief. His house training is about 90% perfect. We are still working on the other 10%. It was great to watch him explore the six inches of new snow we got a couple days ago. He didn't know if he should eat it, roll in it or just sit and look at it. One of my favorite authors is a guy named Gene Hill. Years ago he wrote, "Who ever said you couldn't buy happiness never bought a puppy." He should have said............"never bought a Thunder Labrador Puppy." Thanks Dick for a great pup. Now if he'd only stop chewing my toes.
Dick, Eileen and Chance B., Genessee, WI

Richard, I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful dog from Lilly x Chico. She was house broken within a week. She seems highly intelligent and doesn't even require being kenneled up when were gone. She roams the downstairs with no problems. I have her retrieving goose wings in the backyard and look forward to hunting with her next season. I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that I've handed out all the business cards you sent with me to neighbors and friends who have fallen in love with her. If we're ever in the market for another Lab, I would choose you guys again hands down. Thank you.
Nate M., Freeport, IL

Teagan has been an absolute joy to our family. She is healthy, vibrant and very smart. Thank you for investing your time and talents into breeding and raising such quality Labs. We wish you the best in 2012.
Tina and Gary F., Waukesha, WI

Hey Richard, We wanted to shoot you an email and let you know that Dawson, our male yellow born to Josie and Billy on 12/05/10 is just wonderful. It is his 1st birthday today and he is a incredible dog! We are so lucky to have come across Thunder Labs. Hopefully we can come visit soon although I have a feeling we would leave with another :) Sincerely,
Gavin, Andrea and Dawson, Madison, WI 

Took the girls (Faith and Hannah) to the vet Monday. The vet was very impressed with both of them during the exam. Hannah is now 32# and Faith weighed in at 6.7#.
Debbie J., Racine, WI

Richard, We are extremely happy with the pup you sent me. He is such a lover, and has all of the positive attributes his half brother had without the hyperness. He and my other Lab, Kobe, who is 3 years old, are the best of friends and get along great. I have named him Trip, after his father. He demands that I let him in when I take a shower, and shows a huge amount of spunk with my older and much larger female lab. I am very pleased and grateful that I purchased this dog from you!
Rick T., Reno, NV

Hi Richard. Thought I would check in and let you know that Reese is doing GREAT. He loves swimming and being up North with us. He is truly an awesome addition to our family. I hope you are doing well.
Take care.
John M.

Dear Richard,
Just wanted to send you an update on Stella. She has been a bundle of energy and fun for this first year and Ron and I are both so glad that we chose you and your wonderful operation for our family member. We can't go out to the park or for a walk without someone commenting on how beautiful she is. As you can see from the photo she's grown into a very charming dog. She has filled our empty nest quite nicely. I have never seen a dog so loving and eager to please. As we approach her first birthday I can't imagine life without her. Just wanted you to know that we adore her.
Ron and Diana H., Wausau, WI

Thought we would send you a message and let you know that the Yellow pup we bought from you has been a wonderful addition! Dawson is about 8 months old now and enjoys swimming and playing with friends at the dog park. We could not be happier with him. Someday in the future we are thinking about adding a little black lab (one we originally came in to see, if you remember, but had to leave with the yellow). Hope all is well and we enjoy looking at the new litters on your site.
Gavin G., Madison, WI

First, I wanted to thank you for a wonderful dog…. Grover, a chocolate lab, was bought from you in 2007 (he was born 12-16-06). He is doing really, really well and can be seen at the following link:

I began entering dock diving competitions (www.dockdogs.com) with Grover last year and I’m happy to say that in his class (novice) he is #7 in the nation! He also comes to work with me every day, and I’m grateful that I can do this.

The main reason I have written is that I am really interested in getting a second Labrador, either black or yellow, and was noticing on your website that some were still available. Would it be possible to come by and see them, in addition to putting down a deposit for one of them? I now live in Iowa, but it’s not too terrible a drive and I can easily do it on a weekend if that’s possible for you. I’m looking for an athletic dog who might take to the dock diving sport like Grover did. All the best,
John Manak, Ph.D , University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA

Hello Richard,
I can see from your website you are very busy with puppies. I just wanted you to know what a wonderful first dog experience we have had raising our black female pup from Sidney and Chico born in February. We came to you looking for a calm "chill" dog and boy did you choose right for us. We have such a beautiful, sweet, calm and playful girl. She started obedience training right away and she has done fantastic. My 13 year old son had her retrieving repeatedly at 8 weeks and now is training her on whistle commands and she is doing great. I cannot imagine my life without a dog in it so please keep making great labs. I have given your name to several people who have remarked on what a well behaved lab pup we have. What a blessing we have in our Montana.....many thanks to you.
Heather, Steve, Gabe and Ethan S.
Richfield, WI

Hello from Las Vegas!! I just wanted to send you a recent photo of our sweet Flower Bud and to thank you for picking out such a wonderful puppy for our family! At first I was a little hesitant on letting you choose a puppy for us, that being the control freak in me, but I honestly don't think I could have done any better myself! Flower has brought so much joy and happiness into our lives. Her favorite thing to do is be our little outfielder and retrieve all the balls when my two little girls play softball in the back yard. She has a wonderful disposition and in the last 8 months I have only heard her bark once! So much for a guard dog, hee hee hee:) We all love her so much!

I saw on the website that Mary is having another litter very soon, anyone who receives one of her puppies will be more than happy with their pup!! We would love to get another pup from you but want to hold off until Dude sires a litter. Any ideas as to when that may happen? I know he is still a youngin like Flower but he is so beautiful and we will be looking for yellow next time.
Well that's all for now. Thanks again for the wonderful gift you gave to our family in Flower Bud!!
Hailey M., Las Vegus, NV

I bought a black female DOB 11/3/10 from you, picked her up in late January and drove to California. Sara is now 45 pounds and an absolute joy. Highly intelligent, athletic and loving. My daughter, Rebecca, recently bought a yellow from you also. I know you are just a young guy like myself and will continue to breed dogs forever but just in case you have any ideas of stopping your program please notify me in advance so I can buy another Lab. We plan on buying another in 3 years or so and do not want to miss out on another of your superior dogs. Thank you.
David S., San Diego, CA

Hi Richard,
I wanted to send you a couple of photos of Mac, who we got from you last summer. I took Mac out to western Nebraska in December when he was only seven months old. I could not be more pleased with this dog. He was young but I thought he was big enough to handle these big birds. I had worked him with wings and such and this was the first trip hunting real birds over him. He did great. First bird was a crip at about 150yards. He looked like a linebacker hitting a back coming through the middle. My friend who lives in Nebraska told me he has hunted birds over 40 dogs in as many years. He said that this is one of the best he has seen. Coming from him, that's huge. Another hunter who lives out there has a four year old yellow that has been to formal training. He ran out to one dead goose, looked at it and ran back without it. My buddy asked me to send the "puppy". He brought it back no problems. You can imagine the grief this guy got from the hunters in the pit, about the "puppy".
Bill H., Cary, IL

Just wanted to thank you again for the chocolate lab we adopted from Lilly and Chico's litter born last April. We were extremely impressed with how trainable our puppy was and continues to be. I've attached a couple of pictures from our outing to the park this afternoon. We can't wait to add a yellow lab to the family when the Dude sires a litter of his own!
Nick Z. & Maren M., Milwaukee, WI

I am on your website all the time. It makes my day to see your beautiful dogs and puppies. Keep the pictures coming!! Sometime I would like to bring Riley out to show you. I know you were very fond of her, "carrying her around in your pocket”. Thanks again for the wonderful dog.
Linda B., McFarland, WI

Attached is a photo of our dog that we got from you 1 1/2 years ago. Just wanted to check in with you and let you know what a special dog he is. We are having lots of fun with him: he is so loving, smart and a pleasure to be around. Thanks for providing us with such a great companion. We look forward to many happy years with him. I'll be sure to recommend you whenever I can.
Kathy V., Winnetka, IL

Thank you so very much for our wonderful doggie Sullivan! From the moment we picked him up at the airport, he has brought nothing but joy to our lives! We had to have Richard pick out our puppy for us since we live out in California, and we can honestly say that he nailed it! Sullivan is gentle, loving, playful, protective, and just a pleasure to be around. We have only had Sully for the past 5 weeks....but our little guy has already settled right in with our family. We adore him! Thank you Richard!!!!
Kelly S., Long Beach, CA

Your kennel operation is quite impressive! The kennels were very clean and the dogs were in great shape. It's apparent you love what you do.
Mike R., Hartford, WI

Just thought I would let you know that our "Bunker" is quite the treat...He is such a smart, loving and happy dog. He brings alot of joy to our family. I am sending a recent photo of him so you can see what a beautiful dog he has turned out to be. He is from Billybob and Pattons Sweet Thunder born 04/30/2009.
Dawn K., Baraga, MI

Just a note to let you know that the boys, Bud and Chip, are doing great w/ ducks and pheasant. Each dog has their own hunting style and fun to watch. They also have passes in AKC Jr and HRC started tests and look forward to them completing the initial titles in the first part of 2011. Much training yet to do and look forward to the challenges that arise.
Patti and Todd D., Janesville, WI

Hello Richard - Just wanted to share with you how great Guenther's doing. I enrolled him in Part 1 of obedience class. He was awesome. He was definitely the instructor's favorite throughout the class as she was frequently using him to demonstrate activities. The amazing thing is I wasn't always able to do the "homework" between sessions, but he's SO quick to learn that it didn't matter. He made it look like we had been practicing alot!! Thanks again for such a wonderful, smart dog! You raise great stock!
Dianne G., Monticello, IL

I think its a blessing that some how I found you and that you brought Lucy to me/us. We are very thankful to you. You make me believe that there are very good breeders out there for the people. What you do and how you treat your dogs makes me believe. (In my search) I saw a lot of BAD and not so much Good. I found you and I found "GREAT"!! You would be really proud of Lucy-She is PERFECT!!!!!!
Kathy W., Hubertus, WI

Richard, We have the pleasure of owning one of your pups out of Black Thunder Billybob JH (Billy) and Patton's Sweet Thunder (Sidney), April 2009 litter. We named him Hershey's Thunder Buddy General G.S. Patton (Patton). We did not select him from the litter. I called you and entrusted you to pick a Black Male out of this litter that would mesh with our very submissive chocolate 3 year old lab. (unfortunately, we did not get this one from you) We wanted him to be large, dominate, a cuddler, a good dog with grand-children and protective. You hit it directly on the head!!! We got exactly what we told you we wanted. We love him and there has NEVER been a minute that we were not pleased with him. One of the easiest puppies/dogs we have ever had the pleasure of training. I send everyone I can your way.

The only problem I now have, is that we are so very impressed with the socialization program that you have for your puppies, the health, bone structure, personalities, and your uncanny ability to pick just the right puppy out of a litter based on what personality traits we want it to have, I am trying to figure out how we can fit 3 Labradors in our home! One of each color of course!!!
Thank you again so VERY much for the fabulous pup! He is just a beautiful and wonderful addition to our family! I am sure I will be seeing you for more Labradors in the future...
Susan and Tom N.
Kenosha, WI

It's been one week and I wanted to let you know that "Chip" (Chocolate Chip) already knows how to tell me that he needs to go outside to use the bathroom.
I designated a spot behind our house, and using your advice, I picked him up out of his crate at night and first thing in the morning (rather than just letting him walk around in the house) and put him in his "potty spot" on the grass. Then every day after that I'd walk to the spot saying "potty" and he'd follow me, and he became more and more familiar with where the spot was and what it was for.
Then after having him for 6 days, he scratched on the back door and whined a little bit, so I opened the door and he ran right to the spot and went to the bathroom. So now if he scratches on the door, or sits in front of it and whines or barks, that means he has to go out.
Also, I think you've helped me get over a great puppy hurdle by having him crate trained already. He had no problem staying in his crate overnight in our den right from the first night. He didn't whine or bark, he sleeps all night, and I think the fact that he felt familiar with it was the reason.
Thank you--we are enjoying our Chocolate Lab! Here's a photo of our son Thomas with Chip.
Victoria D., Cottage Grove, WI

Hi, Richard....it was a year ago today that Mom and I adopted "Sadie". She is an awesome friend and companion! I had some doubt when you said she'd know the difference between my Mom (who's 97 now!) and me. She is so gentle around my Mom, everyone is just amazed! I just wanted you to know that I really appreciate Sadie and tell her everyday how much I love her. She has bonded with me so well....it seems, sometimes, she can read my mind! She's very easy to train and just a joy to have live with us. Thank you, again for Sadie.
Lauretta S.

Good Morning Richard. I have one of Seven's (Last Litter) and Chico's female puppies. Well, she is not a pup anymore. We named her Lola and she is by far the best dog that we have every owned. I never had a female dog before, but I have to admit, I do love her to pieces. She is smart, beautiful, well behaved and a great addition to our family. We are thinking about getting another pup in the Spring. We just think the world of you and the pups that you produce. If you could let me know, I would appreciate it. Thanks again and Thank you for Lola.
Eileen Z., Antioch, IL

We had the honor of getting one of Mary and Chico's puppies last winter. "Birdie" has brought a lot of joy to our life. She is fun loving, carefree, but focused all at the same time. No one is going to mess with one of her 'babies'. One of my 3 children. From day one they were hers to protect and love. To say it has been smooth sailing would be stretching the truth. I mean come on she was a puppy. But her intellegence and good heart made house training and socializing a lot easier than what it could have been.

When it is time for bed. She jumps up on my 2 year olds bed for her bedtime story. Stays with her until she falls asleep and then moves to my 3 year olds bed and jumps up for his bedtime story. Stays with him until he is asleep and then curls up with my 12 year old while she reads in bed. When she sees we are making our nightly rounds to check on the children she proudly walks by us and lays her nose on their bed. Then it is up on our bed for some cuddling, but within a half an hour she is dutifully laying in the hallway in the middle of all 3 children's bedrooms.

She was the best family Christmas present we could have gotten. After we lost our beloved yellow lab we never dreamed we could find one who we could love as much and who would love us as much. But we did. She is now in training for bird season. Such a sad time for us. We make the 5 hour drive to see her every other week. And the rejoicing between children and dog is beautiful for me to see. After one day in training we were asked if we would be willing to sell her by the trainer. Our answer a loud "No". He had said that it would take 3 months to get her through the beginning course of bird training. 5 weeks in and she is already started on the Intermediate.

Birdie is a beautiful, intellegent and loving dog. We couldn't have asked for more. From all of our family. Thank you so much. We love her.
The Harveys, Ishpeming, MI

Lola is absolutely beautiful and very smart, catching on to everything very quickly. She is doing very well....we couldn't be happier!!! Thanks again.
Shauna D., Milwaukee, WI

Just to let you know that our black lab puppy, Roscoe, is doing well. He is completely housebroken; I can count his accidents on one hand. He seems very smart and trainable in that he knows sit, down, leave it, drop it, come commands. He is up to the usual puppy stuff, and loves the newspaper, toilet paper, pillows and dishrags. Thanks for all your hard work. He is a wonderful pet.
Deb H., Mukwonago, WI

We just celebrated our puppy, Beasley's, 1st birthday yesterday. We have enjoyed her so much this past year. We are a family of six with two older children in college and two younger kids. All six of us have so much love for this dog. Needless to say she probably gets more affection than anyone in the family! We have worked hard with her completing beginning and intermediate puppy school. She has a great personality and is very friendly. Can't say thanks enough for providing us with such a sweetheart of a dog.
The Schostok Family, Wadsworth, IL

Just a quick update on our dog "Mel" we got from you. He has turned out to be a fantastic family dog and great hunter, he is very lovable with the kids and naturally keeps a close eye on them. Thanks again.
Dave B.

Hope all is well. "Reese" is awesome, we couldn't be happier! Take care. Kinds regards.
John M., Shorewood, WI

Just wanted to leave you a quick note to let you know "Cooper" is doing great. He met all the kids and dogs in the neighborhood and was very calm and gentle. He is house training very well for a 13 week old boy! I know he will grow up to be a great family pet. Thanks so much for him, everyone that has met him says what a nice looking and mannered pup he is.
Rick and Angela A., Madison, WI

I received one of your black male pups out of Gabby and Lil Trooper last May 15. He is a great dog and we named him Sooner. I just wanted you to know what a good "Sooner dog" I have and that you truly live up to your reputation of raising calm, well adjusted dogs. Thanks for a great dog!
Sue B., Fort Atkinson, WI

Our Rhyder (Rhyder's Secret Agent Seven Chico) was last of the litter but, is tops at our home. She will be a year on March 30th. She is learning hand signals plus all the other commands and obstacle courses. We hope that next November she will become a Therapy Dog going to a local nursing home and hospitals. In the evening when David goes to the living room, she sits in front of the TV until it is turned on, then she lays on her pillow, watches her favorite shows and shares an evening treat with David. During the day, she is my constant companion. Due to health problems, I often take an afternoon break. She lays on her pillow next to the bed and doesn't get up until I do. Something I call quite amazing for a "puppy". We are so happy that we had the chance to meet you, your wife and all the dogs. We hope you will add this to your testimonial page.
David and Gail J., Wausau, WI

I bought a yellow Lab from you last November. I couldn't be happier with my dog Homer. He is such a lovable dog and is a great little man. He is about six months old and we look forward to having him be a part of my life and future family for years to come. Again, I wanted you to know how happy I am.

Chris F.

Nicole and I would like to say thank you for such a wonderful dog we have from you. Jersey has been a great addition to our family. She has been very loyal, intelligent and willing to please. She has so impressed my father, a long-time dog owner, that he took her to Canada with him this fall. She was seven months old and she did wonderful for her age. By the second day she was making 500 yard retrieves. She was water retrieving by the third day. Nicole and I have been enriched every day by Jersey being in our lives. She is so much a part of our life that this May 8 when Nicole and I get married, Jersey will be making an appearance in our wedding photos, which we will be sure to send a copy to you. Thank you again for such a great dog!
David and Nicole W., Milwaukee, WI

I just wanted to touch base with you on our puppy. We had second pick female of the October 9 Mary/Chico litter. Ruby has been just wonderful. We are training with her daily and she is picking up on things quite easily. I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with her. Thank you.
Jerry and Chris T., Iola, WI

I don't know if you remember me but I bought a puppy from you in January of last year. She will be two on November 21. She is a little champion and is rated 52nd in the USA for Dock Diving Dogs. She got invited to Nationals and everything. She is also sponsored by companies for her dock diving. I thought you'd be interested in that and hopefully I can bring her to you to see how she has grown and how much of a great dog she is. Such a wonderful personality. I would like to thank you again for her. She's really changed my life.
Kelly B., Hundelein, IL

Rocky is not only what I wanted but he is an excellent animal. He absolutely adores my son, listens well, and was very easy to train in all facets of behavior. I am so very impressed with your dog. I can not tell you how wonderful your company is. Your facilities were clean and your knowledge surpasses the veterinarian's. Anyone who chooses to buy a Labrador Retriever from anyone in southeastern WI is doing themselves a disservice if they do not go through you. I am so impressed that in two years I would like to get a chocolate to accompany Rocky. We never anticipated a second animal, but it makes sense if the next dog even approximates Rocky. You should be very proud of your work. I have had many dogs of various breeds and have never come across such a wonderful experience. My wife hates dog hair but ironically she gets it all over her and loves it because she is so impressed with Rocky's unconditional love for our son. This dog is his shadow and would do absolutely anything for him. If fact, he listens to everything Luke says and obeys every command. Professionally yours,
Dr. Michael K., Milwaukee, WI

Abby is absolutely wonderful. She is everything we hoped for and more. Abby has an outstanding temperament, very calm, always seems happy and is truly a people person dog. Many people comment on what a beautiful coat she has as well as body structure. I have started on retrieving and it seems to come so naturally for her. We have also completed the first of four classes to have Abby certified as a Pet Therapy Dog. Richard and Mirella, we could not be happier!!!
Michael and Mary Jo W., Hartford, WI

We are really enjoying becoming acquainted with our new puppy from Girl's litter. We decided to name her Jenna and we are very impressed with her. She whimpered for only 5 minutes when we put her to bed last night and then she slept through the night. Thanks for making our experience so enjoyable and your professionalism throughout the process.
Rob and Shawn T., Sun Prairie, WI

Thank you for making our first visit to see our new puppy so amazing! You have such a wonderful setup and such a great relationship with your dogs - we are impressed. The dogs are all so beautiful and the puppies are precious. I have a feeling we might be back for another someday in the near future.
Jane and the Gang, Milwaukee, WI

Pepper is fabulous and is possibly the world's smartest and loving dog! She seems to have her own fan club too. Kids want to know if she can come out to play, and at Halloween they ask if Pepper is home so they can pet her. She is so gentle, well mannered and friendly that we never worry about her around animals or people. I went from not really wanting a dog, (John did though) to the fact that I would throw myself in front of a bus for her. We cannot image life without her, but if and when the time comes that we ever get another dog - we will be coming back to you. We recommend you every chance we get.
Heidi and John L., Madison, WI

I cannot tell you how happy we are to have Hyde as part of our family. He is just perfect. I am so thankful to you! When we decide to get another pet, we will definitely be calling you.
Mitch and Brit, Casper, WY

On May 9th we celebrated our puppy's first birthday and just wanted to say thank you for the great puppy. She is now 60 lean pounds and the friendliest dog I have seen. Her temperament is great around the house, she can relax when we are busy but has tons of energy when it's time to play or go for a walk. She has an amazing ability to adapt to her environment. When she goes to my parents to play, they let her run around, bark and be crazy. But when she comes home she can turn that switch off and relax if we are doing homework. I have attached a few pictures of "Boomer". Again, thank you for a great puppy.
Josh A., Machesney Park, IL

I wanted you to know that we have enjoyed 3 excellent days with our new puppy. He has adjusted well to the entire neighborhood of kids and has been awesome through the night. We will make sure to send some pictures as he grows up. Thanks again for a nice experience getting a puppy from Thunder Labradors.
Chris H., Sturtevent, WI

Blazer turned one year old on Saturday and we thought you might enjoy an update. We couldn't be happier with him! Blazer is quite possibly the sweetest dog we have ever known. He has also learned to bikejor and skijor. In fact, he pulls better than many of the huskies and mals that I know! Our veterinarian/skijor companion claims that he's the best Lab ever! We have to agree. Thanks again for Blazer. We will be sure to recommend you in the future!
Erica and Brian N., Lake Mills, WI

We can't tell you how impressed we are with Missy. She is training so well! Crate trained, no problem. Hunting, she is so smart! Definitely in the blood! She sits and comes with whistle or command. Knows her name. She retrieves both on land and in water!!!! Wow! She will be a great hunting dog and so lovable as well. She already weighs 16 pounds! Thanks!
The Mulfords, Plainfield, IL

We just wanted to drop you guys a note saying how much we love our Bodi. We wanted to commend you on your ability to raise smart, good natured puppies that people can welcome into their families.
Erik and Kristen E., Hartford, WI

Shawn and I just wanted to let you know what a WONDERFUL and incredibly smart dog Spunky gave us! Sandy has been truly amazing and we believe that we got the most perfect little puppy. We've taught her Come, Sit, Down and Shake and she's impressing everyone who meets her with her skills for such a young age. We can't tell you enough how happy and amazed we are with your puppies.
Elizabeth and Shawn K., Mequon, WI

Piper's retrieving gene turned on at 6 1/2 months and it amazes me how she went from "puppy fun playing" retrieves to super-intense trembling-on-the-line retriever. We started doing some formal marking work and she loves it! She's also the star of our Agility 1 class, picking things up a lot faster than the other dogs and having a blast. Gotta run, but thanks for such a fabulous pup!
Lisa T., DVM, McFarland, WI

Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know Hunter is doing very well! Our vet was very pleased with him and said whoever removed his dew claws did an exceptional job! He and our daughter, Cloe, are inseparable as well. He is a loving addition to our family. We are so glad to have him! Thanks again for giving us such a wonderful companion!
Julie F., Janesville, WI

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know Ivy is doing great! She is getting acquainted with her new home and her new sister, my 2 year old yellow Lab. She is coming along very well with her potty training. She plays hard and sleeps hard. I couldn't be happier! Thank you!!
Sandra E., Chicago, IL

Cody is fitting in nicely with our family and is a very smart pup. He is already responding to commands and is crate training beautifully. He is great with the kids too! Thanks again!
Jennifer L., Eagle, WI

We purchased a puppy from you last year on September 11. We named him Wilson. Wilson is incredible. A wonderful, intelligent, beautiful dog and a true gentleman. We thank you.
Zach and Laura S., Cedarburg, WI

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