Our Guarantee

Thunder Labrador guarantees that the puppy you have purchased is free from any genetic hip, elbow, shoulders and cardiac defects for up to 26 months.

Hips, elbows can be certified at 24 months of age by the OFA. Shoulders and hearts can be tested at 12 months old and certified by the OFA . Radiographs sent to the OFA must be done without sedative. You have until the pup is 26 months old to contact us if your pup does not receive an acceptable rating. Should a Thunder Labrador fail to receive an OFA (hips) number by 26 months of age, contact us in writing.

OFA ratings of Fair, Good or Excellent are considered normal hips. The breeder reserves the right to have a second radiograph sent to the OFA. This expense is the breeder's unless the new rating from OFA is normal, then that expense is the owner's. The breeder reserves the right to refund or replace the pup from a comparable breeding agreed upon by buyer and seller. Owners will be required to provide veterinary receipts and medical records as indicated below. Owner is responsible for all shipping charges. Thunder Labradors will require the purchaser to forward all medical records, x-rays and other information relied upon for a diagnosis. You will be entitled to a refund upon receipt of vet records showing a spay or neuter.

Pups must be registered with the "Thunder's" kennel name in front of the registered name of the dog. Guarantee is void if the dog is sold or transferred or if the dog shows signs of physical or mental abuse. EXTREME OVERWEIGHT IS CONSIDERED PHYSICAL ABUSE AND IS NOT COVERED BY THIS GUARANTEE. Complete and accurate health records must be maintained for a period of 26 months.

The pup's eyes can be checked as early as eight weeks old and you have until the pup is 12 months old to contact us if you do not receive a CERF number. This exam must be done by a certified CERF veterinarian. This guarantee does not cover conformational defects.   Breeder reserves the right to refund or replace with a puppy from a comparable litter agreed-upon by the seller and buyer.

Your Thunder Labrador pup is also guaranteed for life not to be affected by EIC, CNM, PRA, DM, CY, HUU, and HNPK. If the DNA test you submit shows a pup is AFFECTED by any of these disorders, contact us and we will refund the purchase price or replace the pup with a pup from a comparable breeding. We test all breeding dogs and it is genetically impossible for us to produce a pup that is affected by any of the above disorders.

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